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You’re running a business & it's time to get your marketing & online shit together isn't it...?

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Does the thought of doing your own marketing fill you with dread…?

Or when you try to do it do you turn into crazy lady above...?


Do you get stuck in overwhelm (aka Perfection Paralysis!) when you start thinking about all the things you should / could be doing to market your business…?


Do you know how to market your business but also know that your time is worth more focusing on other aspects of your business (eg. INCOME PRODUCING ACTIVITIES)…?


If you answered YES! to any of these questions then I might just be the person you're looking for.


I'm Shelley & I'm an INTUITIVE Green Brain Marketing Specialist & I'm here to help you make sense of marketing your business & help you understand how to ATTRACT your ideal clients.


I specialise in HELPING business owners just like you get their marketing (& business in general!) shit together. I understand the pain you have with marketing your own business & I know how to help you with it.


I pride myself in my ability to intuitively understand you & your business & get to work on helping you really IDENTIFY, CONNECT WITH & ATTRACT your ideal client.


We’ll work together on marketing your business so people SEEK YOU OUT to do business with you.


I'm like the built in Marketing Manager you WISH you had in your business!


I understand Marketing & I understand business. I work intuitively & I have an ability to take all that stuff that's rattling around inside your head & put it all back together in bite sized achievable tasks for you to make your way through and tick off one by one.


Basically I help you to break it all down, make a plan & actually get shit done.


So you get somewhere (working ON your business) instead of going round and round in circles (working IN your business). 


And I know all sorts of cool stuff about how to market your business, I love to brainstorm all things marketing, plus I have an incredible network of people to outsource specific tasks to in order to help make your business a success!


You're not just getting Business / Marketing coaching here! You're INVESTING IN A MARKETING MENTOR to help attract more clients to your business so you can free up your time for INCOME PRODUCING ACTIVITIES which will increase your profit - the incredible biz tools & advice you'll get along the way are really just your bonus!


So drop me a line, I'd love to gift you a FREE 15 minute call & chat about what's going on with you right now in your business & how I can help!



Here’s what Jane said about our sessions…

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"Working with Shelley was an absolute breeze!


I knew straight away I could let go and trust that Shelley would create exactly the website I needed and sure enough, less than a week later that's exactly what happened!


She 'sees' what you need and trusts her intuition in a way that makes you feel completely safe - she has the ability to then conceptualise this and create an amazing product that in my case, represents me better than anything I could have envisioned.


Shelley has also helped me so much gaining clarity around my business ideas and plans. Having someone to bounce ideas off who can listen objectively and then help to reorganise these ideas in a more structured and clear way is something I couldn't recommend highly enough to anyone who is feeling a little unsure or unclear in their new business.


It is literally like having a friend tip your handbag upside down, clean it up and put everything back in so you know EXACTLY where to find it! Plus it doesn't hurt that she is a barrel of fun and positive energy to work with! xxx Jane Holland


Website: Jane Holland Health

Let's chat! Book a free 15 minute session with me


You love what you see and want to work with me?

Let's chat! Book a free 15 minute session with me

I'd love to work with you too!

There are a couple of options when working with me & it all comes down to the budget you have allocated to INVEST into marketing your business.


We all know that without marketing we have no clients & without clients we have no cash flow so marketing is one of the most important aspect to ensure the success of your biz!

Let's chat! Book your free 15 minute session with me

We ARE going to work really well together if:

- You're COMMITTED to making your business a SUCCESS!

- You feel like sometimes you are all ALONE in your biz!

- You're an awesome POSITIVE person who is looking for an awesome positive person to help you get your biz CRANKING!

- You feel like you are going around in CIRCLES & not making any ground!

- You don't know who your IDEAL CLIENT is but you desperately want to work it out & start ATTRACTING them!

- You feel you're really lacking in ORGANISATIONAL skills & how to streamline your biz!

- You love your biz but you're just a little stuck with DIRECTION, MOTIVATION & CLARITY right now!

- You feel that your biz is OK but you know it could be SO MUCH BETTER!

- You understand the importance of MARKETING your biz properly but you just don't know how to!

- You know you need to do something about all this but you HAVE NO IDEA where to start looking for the right person to help!


We're NOT going to work well together if:

- You're grumpy or a NEGATIVE NANCY!

- You don't give a SHIT about your business!

- You don't see the importance of MARKETING your biz properly!

- You don't understand the importance of investing money into your biz to MAKE MONEY!

Shelley your time, and expertise has been of great benefit to me, helping and motivating me to find some clarity and clear direction on where I want to go with my business.

I’ve also had to do quite a lot of ‘emotional’ inner work as I find clarity and move through some old barriers which were making it difficult to move forward.

I think engaging in your help has had a big hand in pushing me to expand and to simplify...

Thank you - I think we are going to enjoy working more with each other.

— Lisa Brandis

So whether it’s an “Hour of Power” session, a “WOW” website or “Getting me to do the work”, I’m here for you.


Send me a message, book in a Free 15 minute session and let’s see how I can help you!